Sculpting with Air: Ian McMahon and Jong Oh


IAN 1c
Ian McMahon, Tether, 2018, plaster, steel hardware, 65’ x 25’, Courtesy of the Artist, Photograph by Clements Photography and Design, Boston.


Two contemporary sculptors, Ian McMahon and Jong Oh created different site-specific artworks at deCordova by shaping the intangible element of air. Ian McMahon builds voluminous, pillow-like forms using an innovative technique of sprayed plaster. Jong Oh fashions almost imperceptible structures with string, wire, and Plexiglas. While McMahon emphasizes materiality, solidity, and containment, Oh focuses on transparency, lightness, and expansiveness. Despite the enormous contrasts, the two sculptors’ work is complimentary. Both reshape space by exploring tension, balance, and force. They challenge our perceptions of gravity and perspective by creating forms that expand into the galleries.

On view at deCordova Sculpture Park and Museum, Apr 20, 2018 – Sep 30, 2018

JONG 3 alt
Jong Oh, Between Two Rooms (Monochrome) #1 (detail), 2018, string, weights, Plexiglas, metal chains, graphite, paint, dimensions variable, Courtesy of Jong Oh and Marc Strauss Gallery, Photograph by Clements Photography and Design, Boston.


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Brochure by Wilcox Design

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