The Color of Water, Bryan McFarlane’s Recent Paintings

Essay to accompany the exhibition Caught in Colorful Rain
Mar 5 – 27, 2021 at Gallery NAGA

Have you ever felt the soft drizzle of rain on a warm summer’s day? Did you experience the enveloping moisture, the green dampness of foliage, the melodic tap of the drops on your forehead and shoulders? Jamaican-born painter Bryan McFarlane remembers this sensation as a young boy in his home country. Tropical rains in warm temperatures are consistent throughout the year, and McFarlane recalls the “pleasant and nourishing experience of rain, and the sun rays shining through.”

Bryan McFarlane, Waterfall, 2020, oil on linen, 63×55″ 
Bryan McFarlane, Like the Weather for What It Brings, 2017-18, oil on linen, 99×138″ 

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