Inside Out: Museum Talk with Furen Dai

How should we reimagine museums for our collective futures? 

Furen Dai’s On the Future Ruin is a 3D video representing a fictional encyclopedic museum sometime in the future as a ruin. We are guided through the museum’s spaces–much like the British Museum or the Metropolitan Museum of Art–as if we were on tour, navigating its artificially lit rooms. The video raises questions about how audiences can experience connections between cultures across time and space, how artworks are displayed, and what the conditions are for the encounter with art. It was made possible by a Collective Futures grant in 2021. Curator Martina Tanga discusses this project and the future of Museums with Furen Dai.   

Text published in the Special Issue: Collective Futures Fund, the Boston Art Review, full essay and publication can be found here.

Boston Art Review partnered with Collective Futures Fund (CFF) to create a special digital issue highlighting the efforts and initiatives of CFF’s 2021 inaugural cohort. In this free publication, writers and thinkers from throughout Greater Boston engaged with the more than twenty grantees to tell stories of compassionate innovation, artistic ingenuity, and a steadfast dedication to the cultivation of our creative community.

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